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Walking with a Purpose

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Pondering how you’re going to achieve your goal? A goal you’ve been holding on for so long?

First, before you begin deliberating this idea, find a purpose because a goal, without a purpose, leaves you with short term satisfaction, for a purpose defines your identity – an identity that is unique to you only.

Not having a purpose, however, leaves you with an identity crisis.

Although it's true to say that you don’t need a purpose to reach your goal, having a purpose, nonetheless, paves the way towards attaining it by making the road free of unnecessary debris.

Walking with a purpose helps you get closer quickly towards any goal of your choice.

So, when you find that a lot of people are successful in figuring out theirs, you’ll be inspired to find out yours.

And instead of wasting your time on energy drinks, which do more harm than good to your body, find a purpose in your life because having a purpose will make you feel stronger, energized, and more confident in your abilities and within yourself.

Walking with a purpose means having the courage to develop as a person.

A purpose is psychological; it will only be manifested when you put your mind to it because every person is unique in their own way.

The key here is to find that lost ounce of willpower, which will encourage you to walk with a purpose.

But what does it mean to walk with a purpose?

Walking is something that is taken for granted because it is a habit, while a purpose is something that we want to be granted because it is hard to find.

So, when these two terms get combined, we find that it is feasible to attain a purpose through the familiar habit of walking.

And now that you found your purpose, can you keep it?

A purpose is an initiative that must be taken upon ourselves for as long as we can.

Being focused on a purpose keeps us feeling fulfilled; it makes the experience of reaching a goal less boring.

What’s good about staying focused on your purpose, therefore, is that it strips away negative thoughts; thoughts that will not have a vacant place in your mind to roam anymore.

As a result, external situations won’t be a distraction to you at all.

Your sense of self worth will grow.

And you’ll feel more competent and deserving of your achievements.

In the comments below, explain what walking with a purpose means to you! Don't forget to like and share =)

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