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Various Facets of Color

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

The colors that one gives off play a role in attracting people with similar colors.

Indeed, people having the same colorful hues tend to click with one another.

However, due to life's demands, changing one's colors – every now and then – becomes a practical thing to do.

Colors are a matter of preference to its owners – a lot of people find it convenient to control what colors they decide to show others.

So, befriending people having the same color bias as you do may close your mind off many life opportunities.

But still, colors you favor the most can help you retain a peace of mind, as they inspire you to take on a new set of colors.

Specifically, colors that are equivalent to your personality.

They empower you to set standards on people whose colors do not match yours.

But most of the time, we are blind to the colors a person emits because we only want to see colors that interest us.

Even if our ego gets in the way, after some time, we learn to see the colors of a person clearly.

To ignore the devil in the details, one must leave his misconceptions about the other person behind, his passions aside, and focus on the essence of his own existence.

By doing that, one will be able to see all colors clearly due to advanced realizations.

This, in turn, helps us become indifferent to the colors that used to bother us, for a day will come to show us the quality of a person, as it becomes obvious in the way he/she exploits colors to his/her advantage.

Reading and accumulating new colors comes at a reasonable price – a price that can change your life upside down, or one that can make you aware of colors you didn’t even know existed, for some colors exist in different variations, which make the idea of figuring out their hues impossible.

For that reason, being astute about these colorful medleys is wise because processing color related information is not for the naïve at heart.

In the comments, let us know what colors describe your being? Don't forget to like and share =)

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