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Colors of a Monotone Display

Updated: Jan 16

When everything feels monotoned, by coloring it with sparks of creative strategies, one can always find new ways to get out of feeling this way and figure what exactly is making things feel monotoned.

Even though monotoned behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are quite suppressive, colorful ones are buoyant by nature; they keep one in a state of flamboyancy.

Not all that is suppressive behaves this way, though, it is only when one allows it to be in the forefront that things do take a change.

Also, when one accepts leaving all color behind, this authorizes the monotonous temperament to be more apparent, than it needs to be.

That is not a logical thing to do to oneself because the suppressive identity of a monotonous nature initially is meant to drown positive ones.

This image, for instance, sparks a colorful idea, one often dismissed by irrationality.

So, by helping this so called 'unnatural phenomena' occur, it implies that one is not pushing oneself to the best that one can be.

Color, whatever it may be, when added over a dull, monotonous display seems to float over it.

It, also, does seem to pop.

So, to allow a monotonous display take center stage, instead of a colorful one, is not fair to oneself.

Sometimes, also, it is the change of an outlook that allows one to figure what is right for oneself at a specific moment.

When that happens to be the case, it is only a matter of changing the switch from a monotonous mood to a flamboyant one, or from a flamboyant mood to a monotonous one.

It is as simple as an addition or a subtraction of color because it is the materialization of color which changes a dull, monotonous display to a brighter one.

A monotone display, which does not see or understand color because of its monotone nature, can still drown any color added if color does not fill its whole, entire display. The reason being is that traces of the dull, monotone display still seep through.

So, the solution, here, is to color the whole display with vibrant colors, without leaving place for the monotone color to peep through!

Color is energy, and that is how things should be at all times!

Do you think a colorful charm exists within a monotonous temperament?

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