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The Clash between the Masculine and the Feminine

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

What does it mean to be masculine or feminine?

When we can’t see eye to eye, we separate ourselves from each other, by saying, “You’re such a boy” or “you’re such a girl,” in an attempt to diminish the worth of the other gender, hence, labeling the opposite gender as the other.

All over the world, men have had the first word no matter how hard women try to believe they can control them through passive aggressive techniques.

They’ve had the power to moderate the female energy since forever.

The only time we can say that women will have the upper word on men is when all the women of the world become presidents.

But that’s almost impossible, really.

This wishful thinking that women keep hanging onto is useless because women in leadership positions are competition to men who like being in command of things.

Yes, many women may argue that they are presidents of their companies, but that’s it!

They don’t come up with strategies to outsmart men into becoming presidents of the world.

In fact, there exists hints of differences between the masculine and feminine personalities.

As is seen in this painting, the feminine colors are masked with masculine colors because men manipulate women into feeling satisfied with what they’ve got instead of asking for more.

Women, even if they won’t admit it, fall for these tricks.

They like to pretend that persuasion can push men into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise be doing in their daily lives, but that’s all nonsense.

Men know how to give and take so that women can stay in their places.

So, it is not wrong to say that women are puppets to men’s gazes, desires, and wishes.

Indeed, the masculine and feminine thought processes are not the same.

Women, thinking that men must have ulterior motives if they want to help them, do things for them, or let them do what they want, have lost hope in men, whereas men view women as a means towards a goal they fancy.

We’re sorry to say that, but women are living in an illusion.

The masculine and feminine energies are very different from each other, and it can be chaotic when they clash with each other.

The clash is often a misunderstanding of each other.

The beauty of it lies within its synergy.

It shows how one cares for the other, enough to get into a solution with the other, but should it always be at a women’s expense whose rights aren’t used to the maximum?

Do women have to compromise, always?

Will there ever be a solution that could bring harmony to the relationship?

Or will the relationship always be corrupted?

Do you agree or disagree with this piece? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below. Don't forget to like and share =)

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