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Re-Inventing the Truth of Time

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Oh yes! That deep feeling of an overflowing triumph!

When all seems so tedious, repetitive, and worthless, re-inventing patience can be worth your time.

So you can finally find that little inner-peace, even if it’s for a few minutes!

Yes, re-inventing a lot of your time can be based on your own truth, also with regards to your own applications of it.

So, keep that time in check because it can sting, with the truth! Surely does sound like absolute trouble!

But what truth are we talking about? And of what time are we hinting at?

And has this truth become a time waster of some sort? The truth of re-inventing time with precision, per say?

Truth is something that tends to confuse a lot because it does bring out the secrecy of time, also at what has been happening during that time.

But without watching your own truth, a time enforcer can be introduced to bend the truth.

So, for that reason, re-vitalize time; make it valuable.

Make time mean more than passing it by, or getting time back.

Simply, think of making it speak the truth.

Make time be on your side.

Re-view all previous, realistic time visions you have had to get things done so that you understand and get to terms with time, as it being more than a mere expression of view.

Material time is focused time; it is time that is well-thought out and planned.

Master your time, and do not let time master you!

If you want to be a master of your time, you’ve got to be meticulous of how you go about using it? True/False?

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