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Quarantine, Ruminations, Boredom, and Spending

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Time has come to talk about the quarantine!

When most people are thinking about staying safe, others are pulling out their hairs due to boredom.

The virus has definitely brought a new stance to the way we're living, being confined to our dwellings.

A lot of people are finding it useful, as more time is on their hands to take care of their hobbies.

Also, people are finding creative ways to enhance their skills with the various areas within life.

And others, simply, appreciating the time they get to spend with their loved ones.

But what you do not find people talking about is this thing: not being able to spend money like they used to.

Not talking about unlucky people here, but about the people who are still able to manage their money to its full advantage, without being able to actually use it.

Like, for instance, buying something and not being able to seemingly operate it, enjoy and show it off, or implement on it.

Basically, people cannot apply it for utilization, what it is designed for.

This triggers a question to be initiated.

Then, what is the point of spending money, if at all, unless for necessities?

Instead of looking at the quarantine to save some pocket money, why must we spend money in this circumstance?

Is it to feel like we are living normally, because it’s a habit, or due to boredom?

The answer could be any of the three, but it could also be them all!

So, does that mean we are not able to accept this living situation?

In denial, perhaps, thinking it will go away in no time and as quickly as it spread?

Like no … myself? Coronavirus, nah! If it does, so what, I will get better.

But the problem is not that. It is not being able to see that the virus can go away this quickly!

That means more quarantine for a very long time, which possibly means that it may stay for more than a year.

So, by that time, will the point of buying things for ourselves change to become for our home entertainment and necessity only?

Are we already doing that now? Conversely, meaning, are we embracing this living situation for our own good or inner peace perhaps?

What are your concerns towards the quarantine, or what are you doing to make the quarantine more pleasant? Do share them below!

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