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Produce It Yourself

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Nope, this is not another DIY piece, although it probably looks like it!

This piece is concerned with “do(ing) it yourself” and catering to your own needs.

Here, the meaning relates to wholeheartedly being committed to doing something, like a chore, a job, an errand, a project, or a hobby, by and for yourself – and being able to finish anything that needs to be done, in no time, once you adopt this mentality.

Simply, to create or do something that makes you happy, enough to start genuinely caring for yourself.

There is definitely no harm in that!

Give yourself what you deserve, for it is the best thing you can gift yourself, and, likewise, be true to your nature, so you can serve yourself well.

And don't forget to treat yourself! So, when you start seeing progress in what you are interested in, your self will definitely thank you!

Do not feel bad about doing just that, because you need to take care of your own needs, so you can also take care of other people’s requirements as well.

Thinking about yourself is natural, as it is a survival instinct.

Certainly, at certain times, we might find ourselves pushed to the limit, unable to finish something, simply, because it seems like we cannot do what we promised ourselves to complete.

And most of the time, it seems as though we tend to feel like we are not great, or able to reach greatness, just, because we forget to congratulate ourselves at every small, positive achievement we have created for ourselves.

But with a strong will to persevere with what you’d like to finish, complete, or achieve, you’ll find a way to grow from there.

And you’ll be able to rejuvenate certain ideals you’ve placed upon yourself.

Be lenient on yourself, for your worth lies in knowing that you can love yourself, enough to forgive yourself on such premises.

Self love is essential because it is what essentially gets us enthusiastic about doing something for ourselves, in the first place.

Be interesting, at least, to yourself.

It is good for a ton of reasons, to affirm how special you are in your own way.

Nobody can be like you because only you know it and are confident about it, and that’s all that matters, by the end of the day.

Appease yourself! Yeah! Just do what you want, whenever you want; and just, be real about it – make it real and raw by putting your whole energy into it.

Doing something for yourself, then, is really an appreciation of what you can give to yourself.

Think of it as something that should always bring you happiness.

What do you do for yourself? Don't hesitate to let us know! Don't forget to like and share =)

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