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Procrastination: A Mosaic of Self-Deception

Updated: Oct 31, 2020



Is a topic that many debate its effect on the user, as the meaning of procrastination is concerned with lying to yourself to a certain degree, not necessarily in a bad way though.

Although procrastination is often disliked for many reasons, it is also celebrated for many others.

So, what is it that causes people to say there is little benefit to procrastination or the opposite to be true?

The answer is simple: every time we approach a daunting task, we indulge in small talk – a talk that misleads us into rationalizing the one-sided actuality of

this dilemma, which, in a way, helps us deal with helplessness; specifically, the kind of helplessness that might impede our progress.

For that reason, we need to be aware of self-deception, which resulted from feeling helpless, into one that doesn’t really help us turn an obstruction to an incentive for completing a task.

We must not underestimate the power of our emotions to yield incessant worry in our lives.

Since emotions are the main culprits in such situations, keeping them under control is a must because it provides a defense mechanism against the addictively pleasurable qualities of laziness that accompany it, so we can, once and for all, stop attaching strong feelings to it.

In many ways, for a lot of people, procrastination can feel like a valid excuse to continue stalling on what needs to be done because it feels better to wait on something extra to push us into doing just that.

However, another side of this argument asserts that procrastination triggers inspiration – an inspiration that helps us look at a situation differently or look at a problem from a different angle, and that makes procrastination deceptive, somehow.

One of the many things a person can do for oneself is take the stress out of the equation by eliminating chores based on their value.

What is great about this elimination process is that it gives us an advantage, by making us feel like we have control over something that is out of our hands, enough to start working on whatever needs to be done immediately.

Certainly, we do not realize the extent, potential, and huge effect of self-deception on our decision-making abilities.

Basically, if we can convince ourselves to do all that, we can take the opposite direction and turn any short-term or long-term goal into a reality.

In the comments, share whether you trick yourself into thinking that procrastination is good for you? Or maybe, even bad for you? Don't forget to like and share =)

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