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New Year, New You

Updated: Jan 16

Be open to all kinds of surprises brought forth by new year since that's what everyone is doing, so you should too, right?

Stressing about being assertive with your goals, as life finds ways to throw curveballs at your plans?

Moving according to plan, for some, is an easy path; for others, though, it may pose a little more of a challenge.

Promising yourself a change this year, when things do not go according to plan, is quite the trouble.

To focus on attaining those goals is a method justified to cope with these curveballs.

However, tackling them is a whole other story.

There may be nothing new about new year, according to you.

You, basically, still are trying to get as close as possible towards completing goals of previous years.

New year, new you?

Unfortunately, not for you!

The solution, then, is to find resolutions.

Try to solve issues you have put at bay, and take care of the hiccups which stop your from moving forward.

At times, it may feel like you have lost interest in trying to work things out, as you cannot see direct nor solid results manifesting.

You may be feeling unmotivated, bored, and annoyed with yourself.

These ideas, not necessarily true, may weigh you down.

The important thing to do, in this case, is to not get into the habit of letting them resurface from time to time.

Nevertheless, not everyday will be the same as yesterday, so do not be discouraged.

Remember part of being alive is about being excited about everyday.

You always want to take a positive spin on things no matter how hard life can get.

How is your new year going, so far? Let us know in the comments!

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