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Marking Days with Color

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

It is time to start new.


And mark our days with color!

It is time to remember all colors, which have been radiating principled vibes over the past year, because they are severely underrated.

Nothing fills a void that calls for passionate ideas except for a blank paper marked with colorful markers.

Testing markers and experimenting with various subject patterns, together with the ideas they seem to create, make us aware of what attracts us to them and what repulses us from them.

Markers are delicate, as they project our ideas on plain surface.

A surface that is accepting of all that is new, different, and unique.

Starting fresh and new is crucial.

One can’t possibly begin a new idea on a page that is filled with old concepts, or embellished meanings, because it might stain new ones.

Creating marks on a blank sheet of paper is great for a variety of reasons, as it moves abstract thoughts mixed with various or vacant emotions into tangible ones.

Not only is adding color to the mix like a cherry on top of a sundae, but it is also an eye-catching inclusion to vibrant story telling.

So, wearing rose tinted glasses adds color to bland imagery because of such colorful sprinkles that supplement the truth.

Color broken to many parts may be cool or warm.

So, making records of them lets people absorb them without much effort.

Marks of color are a matter of opinion.

Even though they can seem to be too common, simple, and abstract, we can all agree that creating colors out of them is a forgotten skill.

What do you mark your days with? In the comments, let us know what it is! Don't forget to like and share =)

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