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Life Is a Puzzle

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Each person has a different idea of what they think is perfect, although perfection is an order that most people tirelessly strive to achieve.

With that being said, aligning the different angles of our perception to disentangle life’s problems make solving any perplexing puzzle's algorithm easier.

Because it is not so different from our lives, a puzzle, like the life we are living, is meant to prick our brain, so being armed with knowledge is not enough, for knowledge alone cannot sustain a life without puzzling frustrations.

And surrendering to the way things should be done, whether it be traditionally or routinely, can cloud our judgement.

Similarly, getting into the habit of depending on circumstance and letting things organically happen to us will restrain the action of finding a solution to our problems.

In other words, the process of solving the puzzle will remain stagnant.

Taking the time to appreciate the complexities of life go hand in hand with being smart about life’s decisions that can either make us or break us.

Finding the missing pieces of a puzzle is hefty work.

It is essential to learn the tricks of life in the same way we study a puzzle.

Trying to put the different colors in a correct pattern is a complex thing to do, and trying to make sense of the chronological events in our lives can also be a complicated thing to do.

However, with no purpose and no drive, the puzzle cannot be solved, and neither life’s challenges.

The puzzle won’t fix itself, and it definitely won’t be finished, not in the near future if being lost is a problem we think can be solved by itself.

And what’s so funny is how life is designed to make us question what is right.

For that reason, trial and error must be experienced before reaching the final result.

Getting all pieces of the life's puzzle to fit perfectly together is an impractical thing to do.

That is why we must be realistic about it.

Waiting for days to inspire us to find the right way of doing things can be a bit of a stretch, especially for those who like to depend on luck to sort their problems.

The problematic areas that come with appreciating things hazardous to our health can be bothersome.

For those who tend to overthink their problems, stress consumption won’t do you any good.

Just expect the unexpected, and you’ll be fine.

Indeed, life is puzzling.

In the comments below, tell us what do you find puzzling in life? Don't forget to like and share =)

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