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Laughing Out Loud

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Many laughter-based yoga classes prove that laughter is essential to our well-being; it changes our outlook on life through self-induced laughter.

Laughing out loud with likeminded people makes us feel closer to each other.

It creates a bond between us – a bond that stabilizes a strong feeling of comfort.

So, when we are in a happy mood, we tend to feel like nothing can inhibit us from being ourselves.

We feel drunk; we say things we wouldn’t have said if we weren’t happy.

Being happy is contagious and so is laughter.

Admittedly, one must be inclined to laugh in order to get drunk from laughter, because being prone to laughter also makes us prone to finding a lot of things funny.

Being skeptical about the effectiveness of laughter on our health is not a smart thing to do, and thinking that it's okay to let sad days creep into our lives every once in a while is unacceptable.

Days will emptily pass by without laughter! =\

Because laughter is great for creating new relationships and solidifying old ones, it is best kept with good company, as it makes people feel better about themselves.

And at work, laughter is great because it makes others take you less seriously; it helps you get away with more mistakes and decrease the chances of having someone hold grudges against you.

As a matter of fact, people who love to tell jokes exude happiness – a rare personality trait that is reserved for some people.

Hanging onto these kinds of people make life that much more meaningful.

And making friends with them opens new horizons.

Who doesn’t like to be around people who emit positive vibes?

One of the amazing things we can do is to fill our days with laughter and secure life through feel-good hormones – hormones that keep us feeling relaxed.

In the comments, share what recent situations have gotten you laughing out loud! Don't forget to like and share =)

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