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Keep the Faucet Running

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Pipes pump entering water, perhaps, much like blood vessels pump in a new breath of life.

Because of that, we can say water rejuvenates our routines, by flowing new essence into a setup similar to that of our existential experience.

However, water unvanquished by mess, which is created from every piece of cutlery added to the sink is costly.

Costly is bringing in new life with every piece of cutlery we are compelled to polish, because of the clutter we find to have been made with our own hands, which if not easily avoided will always find its way back into our lives.

So, it is essential to learn how to declutter cutlery in the smartest way possible.

Every time the situation introduces itself, action is needed to be taken without letting it accumulate, for it can create results that may become frustrating.

Due to that, one must face every cutlery creature with a can do attitude and not let it grow bigger with every dinner plate it feeds on.

Even though you might be done with your food serving of the day, as you wipe away what has been given to you on that platter, you will need to think through positive or negative experiences, so you’ll end up being more grounded and logical about your next platter choices.

The more platters you take, the more water you need to use, yes, simply in order to clean them.

As a result, you will need to keep the faucet running, running, and running – truly, a never ending cycle of life duties that you owe to yourself.

Even, with all the water running, routine can get quite rusty.

However, after being used for so long, and if not built to last for long – not as a strong and sturdy piece of metal – the faucet may deteriorate.

Water, then, would fall very slowly as splatter.

Drop by drop, even though water revives clutter thrown into the sink, when the odds are against a running faucet, mold, rust, and stench get created and eat up all forms of order and cleanliness, which you worked so hard to keep in check with the help of water.

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