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Is Being Environmentally Friendly a Total Waste of Time?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Yes, you guessed it. This might just be another lecture about being environmentally friendly!


But who is one?

I know I’m not, but I like to think of myself as a person who cares about our planet.

And I know a lot of you are like that, so don’t try to deny it.

A lot of people may say our planet is suffering.

But where can you begin if you want to start seeing a change in your behavior or daily habits?

Can you become eco-friendly, or are you just kidding yourself?

Well, try to think of it in this way.

Can you live with dirt all around your home, or let alone move comfortably around your house when it hasn’t been cleaned?

Unless you’ve got some issues, the answer should be no.

To begin engulfing our minds with the headache that is associated with being environmentally friendly, we must start researching the many ways we can go green.

It’s a piece of cake, right? It can’t be that hard.

Going green, for the people who like to live a carefree life, is a pain.

To those people I’d say, make a game out of it.

Figure out ways to reward yourself when you accomplish good deeds, per say.

Because we do no not feel their side effects directly, we tend to procrastinate on such things that require our attention because they seem so trivial in our lives.

Life is short, and it can be filled with a lot of surprises.

What surprises? You might say.

Not much, but sometimes, bad decisions can be costly.

And if we begin to play a conscious role on this planet, we can make a change.

So being environmentally friendly starts with us as individuals.

Our planet is a jewel that needs to be cherished.

Imagine huge names like Michelangelo having nothing to paint but scenes of garbage.

How beautiful can Michelangelo make his paintings if their subject matters all consist of garbage?

There must be a limit to our negligence.

Yes, everything we put our hands on can turn into gold, but that’s not always the case when we take our mother earth for granted by constantly polluting it.

What are the steps that you take to go green? Share them in the comments below. Don't forget to like and share =)

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