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Fishing for New Beginnings

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Going fishing is a sport, but, here, fishing is different, in a sense, to what it usually means.

A sport that involves fish wandering around, until a suitable spot is found containing plenty of nutritional valuables.

Clearly, fish need space, food, air, and land for cozy living.

They spend every minute of their lives trying to do just that and in keeping it stable.

A new beginning is really dependent on what is being done at every turn; a decision related to taking a new course towards a destination which houses these nutritional valuables.

When fish do so, they can be vulnerable to man-made type of foods, which pop up, out of nowhere, to be bestowed on them.

So, any food source dangling in front of them can lead to disaster, like ones coming from a fishing rod.

Unfortunately, death, ultimately, takes them away.

All that is spent with all their might and energy is gone within seconds.

Fishing for new beginnings can be demanding, as it is a way of life, and can be a testing of wit, as it shows whether fish are fool-proof to life’s courses.

New beginnings, therefore, are really saved memories of what has worked in the past.

If fish manage to escape near death experiences in the past, they are more likely to take the same measures in the present.

Fishing is, then, left to the strong fish due to a natural and an unnatural selection.

So, all these so-called “beginnings” are kept for those strong fish.

When strong fish become large in numbers, because all the weaker ones have gone, fish may fight over each other for the sites housing these nutritional valuables.

Thus, a complete new beginning to a fish’s meaning of life materializes.

New beginnings become competitions, instead of being simple ways of life for bringing in new surprises, which accompany the pleasant endeavors between fish.

What do you think of fishing for the love of new beginnings, more like finding new beginnings for yourselves? Do you intend to enjoy this idea? Yes/No? Feel free to elaborate!

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