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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

How many times have you gone around embarrassing yourself?

We can’t count how many times we’ve done it!

Indeed, being embarrassed makes some of us feel uneasy.

What about you?

It is no fun to be at the receiving end of a humiliation.

We like to feel special, which is why when we’re engaging with someone, we overthink scenarios, so we don’t end up getting humiliated by the end of it.

An embarrassment, in particular, is nothing but an alarm for the other person we’re engaging with to identify how we’re feeling.


There’s a little to no privacy in this world, even with our expressions.

The faces of humiliation for people to remember us with! Another reason to turn our faces red again!


Nobody likes it, even the people who claim to be all that confident.

But not every person you meet cares about these embarrassing moments because everybody else is busy deliberating their own issues at hand.

So, it is not as bad as we think it is.

Basically, we are most susceptible to getting embarrassed when we get out of our comfort zones.

And sometimes, we are our own worst critics replaying the humiliating processes repeatedly over and over again.

We all crave to be accepted when we get into such situations.

So, when you come to face some situation of this sort, simply flick the fly that’s been bugging you all along by letting it slide.

Take the moment with a grain of salt.

You’ll feel better after that, and you will not have to constantly think about it.

Life will find ways to embarrass you, even if you aren’t prone to getting embarrassed at all.

To all of you who are overwhelmed by embarrassment, because of a humiliation recently, must find a way to grow a strong bone.

Just forget that most people have reasons to cross your path because not everyone you meet has something specific to teach you about life.

In the comments, share what embarrassing moments have you gone through? Have any of them led you to the place you are now? Don't forget to like and share =)

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