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Are You Living in La La Land?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

A lot of people gaze beyond the closed gates of their environments to find that living behind these gates weighs too heavily on them.

They cannot find solace with their surroundings because standing firmly with both feet on the ground troubles them.

Such people dream of promising futures, which aren't contained on their sides.

For these people, living inside these gates can be cold because, according to them, it is a forsaken form of happiness.

But like this image, which does not show where the stallion is looking at, the future remains ambiguous.

So what does that mean?

The stallion might need an extra push to jump over these safety gates.

It is unsure of what might happen when it decides to jump over the gates.

Since the horse’s aura is linked to wishful thinking, movement and freedom, as is highlighted in the image, instead of feeling unsure of itself, it stands there with a smile on its face knowing that what’s waiting for it will be for the better.

When people can imagine what lies beyond their gates, they technically train their minds to daydream, which is a good thing because it helps people to progress and innovate their lives away from redundancy.

A little number of people confess that they enjoy dreaming or living in la la land because it is associated with childishness and irresponsibility.

It is something that adults should stay far away from because the meaning of being an adult means to think logically, and to weigh all options, before making any move.

La la land, on the other hand, has a complete opposite meaning to that, which is why people who are hesitant about taking the next step are characterized like that horse.

In time, people will get what belongs to them, so there is no reason to waste time in a daydream.

For these people we’d say, focus on your present until you reach your goal.

Be wise and don’t let time fly by.

Honestly, life deserves to be lived within a safe distance from the edge of the unknown.

Living in la la land can be too much to handle, so keep your emotions intact, and don’t risk losing anything when you decide to jump towards the other side.

Are you a dreamer? What has that done for you? Let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to like and share =)

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