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An Opportunity Basket

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Make yourself a favor, yes, right now, and get yourself a basket of resources that will aid you in finding opportunities of your desire.

Find something that will become a source of your happiness, an opportunity!

Gather those opportunities as they come along, and create a recipe for success.

Then bake it to suit your needs, but do not forget to choose opportunities that add value to your life.

If you want to get ahead in life, you’ve got to fill your basket with opportunity.

Even if you are clueless, always act on what you think will benefit your growth the most.

And master the courage to do so!

Just randomly begin throwing things into the basket, which feel right to you and that will bring in opportunities; simply, create opportunity out of thin air.

Make a habit of following with it as well, and be patient.

And once you’ve filled it to the top, be careful not to tip it over!

However, if you do, you will only have to blame yourself for your carelessness. Yikes!

But why not think of this problem as an opportunity!

By coming up with a creative solution to your problem, whatever is left in the basket, then, needs to work for you, in any possible way.

When you have limited yourself in opportunities and their life choices, to make them work, all you have to do is find a way around them.

Just keep going.

Halting your progress is not useful in any way, so put yourself in a state of great enthusiasm to persevere in face of uncertainty.

If you were happy to gain the fruits of your labor, at first, you will need to harbor that to get over losing some, by getting yourself thinking strategically about your next steps.

Yes, indeed nothing does come easy.

But a lot of times, problems are often disguised as opportunities.

Opportunities may be abundant, but what happens when they suddenly get limited? Let us know, in the comments!

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