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About that 1 Annoying Person

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

We’ve all met that person, at least once, in our lives.

The person who knows it all, ugh.

We can all agree on how annoying that person can be.

Every detail, fact, or story doesn’t leave that person’s radar.

People of that sort can also be very stubborn with their opinions.

Yes, they can be very frustrating to be around, as their minds are made from cement.

Psychology may dismiss their behavior in efforts of making you think you are wrong about having such thoughts about them, giving you an incentive to think there might be something wrong with you, and not with the other person.

Yes, that is the last thing you wanted to hear when you were already beginning to question yourself for being hard on these people.

We doubt that what psychology portrays as true is a fact.

But why do psychologists have to complicate things and make them seem like they’re our fault?

What they say can’t be necessarily true.

Maybe, that one annoying person, who we trust to get advice from, isn’t all that we imagine him/her to be.

And maybe how we feel about that other person is correct because our hunch is always right.

No, we aren’t exaggerating when we say these people are out of their minds.

We have proof of their behavior.

But why does it get under our skin so much?

Is it because these psychologists are right to say we are giving these people power into our lives?

So, does that, in turn, make us wrong for trusting our gut feelings against them?

Whatever it is, these annoying people can be outright rude.

And what’s worse about that is they don’t even care.

And psychologists still have the nerve to tell us that it’s all based on our psychology we’re feeling that way.


Just because they’ve got a degree in their field doesn’t make them experts in it.

To the people who have wronged you, simply put an effort to outsmart them.

It will make you look bigger in their eyes.

Just give them a taste of their own bitter medicine.

Move in a different direction, and you’ll be fine.

Be the person with greater dignity; don’t let them step over you.

And you will stop losing your mind on silly people who aren’t worth your time when you do so.

If you’re finding a difficult time getting over these people, you’ll soon give the psychologists a reason to be proud about their opinions.

You don’t want that to happen, do you?

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