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A Tree's View of a Lit Sky

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

The tree stands tall and sturdy because the view around it makes for quite a special scene due to light, an agent of its health, peaking through its branches.

The tree’s view of a lit sky, based on this relationship, requires a lot of unconditional support from a lit sky because the tree is surviving on it alone.

Due to that, light enters triumphantly knowing it has won the tree’s affection.

The tree’s appreciation of this is shown through its green, vibrant aura stretched throughout its leaves.

It sustains this by opening out its arms, allowing for a maximum intake of sunlight, as if to show gratitude for all that is provided by the sun.

Unusual is the sun as its beauty becomes apparent through a lively tree.

Giving without expecting much in return is self-respect; in this case, it is literally a natural thing to do.

With the sun being selfless never thinking once about getting itself exhausted, it embodies a splendor character of one that is flawless.

Inspiration is light, and the tree seeks to get the most out of it.

Hence, since the tree is inspired to copy the sun’s light in some way possible, it works out a mechanism in providing oxygen to the living.

Affection is guilty of this.

This complex relationship is one that the living must strive to implement with each other as well.

This lit sky is quite warm, both literally and metaphorically speaking, and the tree realizes that.

The tree not once does it think of becoming discontent with the lit sky, for it knows that its survival is dependent on it.

To live means to be reliant, it is a part of life.

Definitely, relying on another is stability.

It is also a stability to be trusting of the one who takes care of you.

To be receptive of it all is key, as it is a crucial part of living naturally.

How is a tree inclined to see the sky from your perspective? Share your thoughts!

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