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A Spontaneous Entanglement

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

How does one get oneself into a spontaneous entanglement?

Precisely, a messy situation that presents itself as a nuisance.

Sometimes, people act on many things, which they think are logically justified when they really are not.

Everyone is on a search for a spontaneous life, but not everyone is ready for its spontaneous entanglements.

Living care free and thinking that life gives us a warrant to be and do whatever we want might get us in one way or another into a spontaneous mess.

A mess that is not so obvious now, but a mess that can build up into one later.

So, how does one go about getting oneself into an entanglement spontaneously?

Can a person ever be a victim of his/ her own circumstance, or does a person create his/ her own circumstance by hand?

That is a very hard question to answer, because, at times, it can be a result of both.

Such circumstances make us question what and why we do what we do.

Well, it really depends on the situation and on the mindset of the person.

The spontaneity of an entanglement alerts us to the many things we have chosen to ignore in today's era.

To untangle any situation, a person must look within himself/herself to break down the meaning of these circumstances, so he/she will move forward towards a direction that better suits his/her life needs, only if he/she allows them.

Therefore, we must create a balance between our deliberate and spontaneous actions so that we begin to see all opportunities, as accurately as possible, right as they present themselves.

Basically, if we focus on viewing all entangled lines as straight lines, by putting them in front of each other, we’ll see a straight path: a path that will lead us straight to the place we want to be, for an entanglement needs time and patience to get fully disassembled.

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