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A Smart Approach

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

A smart approach may be intricately tangled, no? Yet, taking the accurate choice is easy!

But what happens with options of similar shades?

When you have got one-too many various options that look similar, you may think you are very fortunate, because you are not limited to one approach.

So, how do you get to an option or, shall I say, an option that looks like an other, through what approach?

Puzzling, just like a chess board, many approaches may have their advantages over different ones.

What is that advantage, though?

An advantage which can help you reach a smart, ideal choice, such as getting what you want, consuming less time, enjoying the advance, enlightening you in a way, or saving you from sorts of trouble, etc.… ?

But all this happens due to undertaking a smart approach!

To carry this out, one must focus and gain clarity.

And to fulfill this clarity with a sharp focus, one should be extra confident about their approach, additionally, confident about acquiring any of the advantages set above.

A smart approach, then, determines what one finds advantageous for oneself.

However, moving left, right, or diagonal is limiting because it conforms to the rules of a chess game.

Hence, these so called smart approaches are then more like being respectful of conformity.

Coloring the grounds of a chess game to suit one can be the smarter approach because one would still be applying the rules of the chess game, just in a different manner.

This, as a result, may cause disarray to everyone who is involved in the chess game.

Coloring the grounds of a chess game may look like something is up, by going an extra mile to change what is normal to create a new normal.

However, all that it is doing is simply bringing confusion to play.

This thinking of a new normal as true is untrue.

All this change is made to create an upper hand, hence, a confident approach to playing a chess game, without the need to explain a carefully planned game.

To redo the rules of the game is not smart, neither is it a smart approach, because it wipes out what has already been planned.

Whereas coloring a game of chess is more like adding life to a classic, monotonous way of carrying things out, without the need to justify it.

No need to clarify bringing in something fresh to the table because that would not make one look confident, or confident in one’s choice, also confident with one's smart approach as well.

Let us know examples of what smart approaches you've been taking lately?

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