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A Serene State of Mind

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We can never know what bliss feels like if we haven’t tasted the bitterness of life.

In a similar manner, we cannot know the difference between translucency and opacity if we didn’t have the chance to compare the two.

For that reason, looking up to the skies may help us evolve, as a translucent sky is balanced with opaque clouds.

The blues of a clear sky offer a sentiment of a melodramatic solitude; an intense solitude not equated with loneliness, but one that conveys a deeper understanding to the meaning of life.

The blue color is involved with being honest to ourselves – an integrity that comes with knowing our worth and accepting all of life’s circumstances.

Feeling satisfied with what we’ve got is not easy, for we all want what we can’t have.

But there is nothing better than feeling like we’ve got what we want from life.

Coming to terms with where we are in life helps us be less critical of ourselves, of others, and of our environment.

Wanting to control the future can be a good idea at times, but sometimes, it is better to let things be, because stubbornness can lead us into living a stormy life filled with headaches.

Subsequently, clouds come and go; they are never stagnant.

Because of that, there is no need to feed our egos with tension regarding situations that don’t go our way.

Indeed, forcing our views on them can distract us from reaching our desired state of serenity.

Being grateful comes with maturity – maturity gained by the wisdom of experience, and not by old age.

Without trying to justify what we are seeing or what we think we are seeing, being grateful also makes us aware of what's on the opposite side of the coin.

Constraints, thereafter, will not have a fertile base to blossom in our minds, if we nourish them with serenity, because gratefulness and serenity are bound together by a harmonious relationship.

Basically, if something were to happen to us, we should forget about trying to make sense of a situation because there are many parts to the same situation; serenity will not be reached if we fret about not understanding one.

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