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A Reflection about Intention

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

A reflection has profound meanings, to reflect upon oneself and to reflect on what goes around oneself.

This book, though, deals with the latter.

A lot of people go through their everyday lives, errands, and duties by learning how to deal with the latter.

To think and draw, therefore, must come from an outside source of inspiration.

Many who take inspiration from what is happening around them rarely reflect on those inspirations that connote the unfamiliar as being glamorous.

Conversely, inspirations of the unfamiliar are also conveyed as being glamorous in a different sense, dangerous and intimidating by popular culture.

Part of popular culture's message is to take heed about what lurks around us, which is spread to most, if not all, parts of academic studies.

As a reader, student, or as part of an audience, you ought to never criticize what you don't know from a speaker who holds all sources of information.

As a result, speakers will most likely be able to persuade others to take their words as correct because, perhaps, according to them, people's knowledge is on a lower level.

Meanwhile, it also helps them to gain fame, power, recognition, and money while doing that.

Their ideas are most likely rarely questioned or called out as questionable.

Because of that speakers continue to write stories, creating fiction to justify that they are never in need to reflect upon their ideas and their belief systems.

To fix ideas that are ingrained in them, they go through their lives by constantly striving to reaffirm them in one way or another, each in his/her own way.

An urge to reflect their concepts on to others and also gain approval from them, which they themselves cannot stand.

So, creating something out of a so called "study" tends to prove their points righteous; much like a book, these points of view are a one way street.

One cannot give and take with ideas, even though at times they can be correct, because a book is created to spread one’s ideas without discussion; basically, take something and abide by it.

The medium a person uses to get points across may speak volumes, but really, is it what’s spoken that creates debate, perhaps, controversy at other times?

But still, does the intention with what is being speculated work as a basis for all of that? Or not?

With what medium do you reflect? Don't forget to like and share =)

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