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A Little Thing about Trendsetters

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Trendsetters have a terrible effect on us, by foolishly turning our heads every time they pass by!

Without them, our lives would be bland, and with them, our lives become far more interesting.

Imagine life with no eye candy. It’s boring!

Jokes aside, what drives these people to want to stay fabulous or stand out from the crowd?

“Becoming a trendsetter is more like a job or a cry for attention,” that’s what some might say.

But is it?

There seems more than meets the eye.

Trendsetters are unconventional people, to say the least. They like to fill their lives with color.

So what’s wrong with that?

It is that most people have insecurities that need to be projected elsewhere, thus, making trendsetters easy targets for this kind of behavior.

But real trendsetters can do even more than this to the average Joe.

They rock their goods in the efforts of making their lives look, at least in their eyes, a little more fancy.

One cannot go around fulfilling duties, let alone life, if focused on the same kinds of problems, so taking care of oneself helps to escape this cycle.

However, most people tend to forget that such people are human; they’re not so different from us.

Yes, you might be envious of the free time they’ve got under their sleeves, but still, that kind of thinking is irrational.

Trendsetters like to draw light out of dark situations and live their lives to the fullest – using a positively healthy mindset, they forge through hardships and make a habit out of it.

People who are jealous of them are choosing to live in turmoil.

What a shame! =|

If all people were a little less judgmental and a little less harsh on others, they would have the time to look within themselves and address their own issues at hand.

No wonder most people choose the easy route, throwing their problems onto others, in hopes of getting relieved from them.

Yes, trendsetters remind us that we can still enjoy our lives.

Why not?

What are your thoughts on trendsetters? Are you one? Don't forget to like and share =)

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