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A Harmonious Medley of Noise

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Sound when dissected loses its meaning, as its minute nuances tend to dissipate without making sense.

In a similar manner, when you hover your hand over all speakers of this image, except for one, the message of this piece will cease to exist because it will not be equal to the title of this piece.

Because you consciously considered taking this action, you’ve succeeded in allowing one voice to grab your attention.

As a result, the title – a harmonious medley of noise – will instead need to be named differently; it would need to be changed to the distinct character of one sound.

This one voice has a separate melody; it doesn’t have the same music as all voices emitted at once.

The individual element of each noise sounds different against the sounds made when they get joined together, although both have got a tune to them.

Noise coming from each direction may stop you from handling it objectively, as you turn your attention towards it.

But then, a problem occurs when noise as a whole becomes overpowering and when the symmetry of sound gets unbalanced altogether.

Nevertheless, noise, as we know it, has different reverberations for each person.

Noises are special in their aspect to encompass full ranges of graduations, without any discrimination, unlike our prevailing impressions of them, which we almost always think are either right or wrong.

So, in general, sound can be soothing to some but overwhelming to others.

Let us know if you tend to prefer the full range of noise or its nitty-gritty variations? Don't forget to like and share =)

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