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A Halloween Oldie, To Trick or To Treat

Updated: Jan 16

What is Halloween all about?

To trick or to treat, a notion of discovering people, personalities, and characters is a matter of thinking outside the box.

It can be about self-discovery.

It is all about the characters you want to wear for a change, where you can be anyone you would like for a holiday.

You heard that right, an all none judgement zone for a day!

So what does that mean for many people?

Finding a costume comes easy to a lot of people because they enjoy Halloween for free treats, like free passes and events, free drinks, free candy and food.

Certainly does sound like a great cause to intensify leveling up your game every year, as it has been conditioned that way.

Halloween has become a reason to sell this idea because it has turned out to be a lucrative business.

A business that embeds the idea of being savvy about the way you come to conduct yourself, which is not so bad because it is an actual way of life, whether you’ll want to accept this as reality or not.

It is the system – a system that people are used to, as it is made so people will not have the energy to question it.

People want to buy security, things that are out of reach, and experiences or items that stroke their egos, which is how most business models are built.

And Halloween seems like a great cover up to amplify why the system should continue as is.

So, to trick or to treat is really about tricking yourself to treat the system.

It does not all have to be filled with trickery, though.

It can be a treat to play a little trickery with the people around you.

A little harmless fun, much like this piece is good enough to pass like a treat!

What do you like most about Halloween?

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