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A Gift Wrapped with Thoughtful Adornments

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Adornments are used to capture our psyche.

We adorn anything we like or would like to call ours with it.

So, what does a gift bag have to do with this?

A gift bag is meant to produce a juxtaposition.

It is given freely to someone as a token of appreciation, interest, approval, care, empathy, etc., without a sense of tied commitment.

But an empty gift bag can bring news, on its own, of the kind that’s confusing.

With all the beautiful wrapping, the gift bag may as well contain nothing.

And so content gets lost and so does its meaning.

Be that as it may be, when someone gives you something, you know that this action can yield trust, nevertheless.

A gift bag, in this case, must mean something greater than what is supposed to be offered.

It could be a polite way of painting how a person feels about you by saying you deserve more.

They cannot offer you something about themselves because they do not know how to interact with you, what interests you, or are worried they may show you something that does not peak your interest.

When a person hands you a gift bag, it means that they are producing a message they would implicitly or explicitly like you to relate to.

The message is theirs, as it belongs to them.

They are handing it to you as an acknowledgement of interest, without you necessarily being obliged to give something back.

Thoughtfulness, here, is the culprit.

This, hence, brings a sense of bewilderment to the person taking it.

What’s the point, the end result, and so what?

Not everyone is as capable of putting their words to action, or even acting on them, and the ones who do are highly compassionate, not only with you but to themselves as well.

The point is to remember the people who have thought about you through your highs and lows.

So, keeping hold of the people, who like to bedazzle you with gifts of thoughtfulness, is great for you.

Never let them go!

Authenticity is rare these days, so always, remember to keep those who are thoughtful close by.

How many people remember to adorn you with gifts of thoughtfulness? Don't forget to like and share =)

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