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A Family Picture

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Who fits their picture frame persona precisely?

Nowadays, instead of taking portraits of ourselves to hang on our living room walls, we take selfies for the world to view on all our social media accounts.

These framed portraits that hang on our living room walls are not so different from our online selfies, even though they exist on an online platform.

In both cases, we want the people who are entering our personal space to see us in the best lime light.

We are selectively showing, in pictorial ways, what we would like people to know about ourselves.

But on both walls, we can convert people from being online acquaintances into real-life friends or real-life acquaintances into online friends who’ll want to take a closer look at our offline and online personas respectively.

Basically, with online selfies, we give it our all, in hopes of getting the people of our clique to approve of what we’re doing in the pictures, in the same way we hang pictures on our living room walls.

It’s not perfect, but we try to get it as close as possible to the picture we want to be living because we know we are being heavily scrutinized in the same way we judge ourselves and others.

Let’s not kid ourselves; how many pictures have we taken of ourselves in order to get it perfect, whether it be for online or offline use?

We exaggerate our lives to fit the mold we have created in our minds so that we’d also start believing it to be a part of our reality.

Most of us do it, for we all want to present our lives in the best picture.

There’s no escape from that, but on social media, it can go to a whole new level.

Anyhow, some people are true to their image.

They are true to themselves and to the people around them without blowing things out of proportions.

The pictures hanging on their walls are the same pictures as the ones which are posted on their social media accounts.

But after having said that, to put it briefly, think about it. Are the pictures on your living room wall and social media accounts congruent to each other?

So, does that mean you are bold enough to share this piece on social media with your clique? =;-D

Or would you feel that sharing it would make you look a little like a hypocrite?

Do you agree or disagree with this statement: pictures are, supposedly, proof of all that we do, so it’s not wrong to let the guests of our house see them hanging on our walls or give people insights to the photos found on our social media platforms? Right? Don't forget to like and share =)

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