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A Cheeky Glance

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Because what is obvious to one may pass unnoticed by others, a cheeky glance can be interpreted as one being assured of something that others don’t know about.

Most of the time, if not always, a cheeky glance is construed as an utmost blunt attitude a person can express.

Uncommon is being full of oneself realization of one’s own capacities, which is why a cheeky look is always denoted with mischief.

Hence, a cheeky glance is similar to one of a curious look.

However, to look at someone with a cheeky look can, indeed, have a different connotation: a liberal inquisitiveness of a soar bird with assertive confidence.

This assertiveness commands respect, which is understood, at times, as a being full of one’s self.

A bold look of an eye – a declaration of commanding wit – is met with uncertainty.

This uncertainty, however, is a projection of a person meeting this strong look.

To behold something that others have no clue about is cheeky.

It is like playing with a bird’s beak while thinking it will not hurt you with a bite.

That is what we call an audacious act.

As a result, a cheeky glance is considered an audacious act.

Being audacious and cheeky have different meanings – audacious is a straightforward lack of respect and cheeky is an unwise, lighthearted disrespect.

Nonetheless, they can intertwine depending on the context, a person’s inner thoughts, and type of action taken to create it.

A cheeky person is frequently misunderstood by those who undergo biased thoughts of that person.

Rarely do you find people with a curious spark in their eyes.

A spark of fulfilment with oneself is like a bird with beauty and charm, which leads to this captivating aura of a person.

A spark of alluring character can send striking vibes.

Their glances have so much depth to them; they speak volumes.

That’s what makes their glances so cheeky!

A cheeky glance entices a flavorful personality. What do you think of this sentence? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to like and share =)

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