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The Next Level Up

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Since the next step is often seen as being quite different from its lower neighboring step, with regards to this, at certain times, it is not wrong to think that the next step may just be as closely related to this other step, for all steps have something in common, as they are essentially grouped into one thing, a staircase.

Anything on that staircase is, and won’t seize to be, the same thing, as each stair is enveloped in the same idea of a body, shape and structure trilogy.

Nonetheless, leveling your steps can be a thought-provoking process and an engaging journey towards accumulating distinct, but related, levels of surprises within what’s traditionally known as a separate block of stairs.

But if one block gets broken or crumbles away, a separation occurs between them.

A separation that will, eventually, cause a halt to this journey of exploration, leaving you with no other choice or option but to take the opposite path.

You will find yourself stuck at a level, unable to finish or continue that walk upwards.

So, if you are accustomed to moving forward, you will find that moving downwards does not produce the same effect as that of strutting upwards.

Although going down is less strenuous, as it does not require much effort, the view you encounter, however, when going down, does not serve as a relief from the view you have noticed when moving upwards.

Moving downwards takes you to a place you have already familiarized yourself with; a place that you have found to be baffling through the shape and structure, body, and color combination.

A combination that you have known to be there but still have chosen to brush off because you ignored the fact that each block may, as well, be essentially the same.

The moral of this story is to understand that a staircase built to possess protruding edges cannot be softened, neither here or there, nor along the sides, with a smooth assortment of coordinated colors.

Eventually, a dead end will come to be because these colors, of the stairs, with no question, will have to, ultimately, get absorbed into this trilogy of the body, shape and structure dilemma, even though color was the only thing that has set them apart, well, up until now.

Bluntly speaking, when you are faced with unexpected stops, which’ll show you that everything is, indeed, the same, you will feel that moving forward really gets you to nowhere.

However, if you change your mind and decide to merely skip over hiccups, such as these described by the block separations, you will find that this act will bring you more joy, because it is fun, rather than to complain about it!

So, when you are faced with another "next level up" in life, take strides, and don't slow walk, upwards because within you is a reservoir of energy bottled up with determination and stamina just waiting to erupt.

The next level up… Do share what comes to mind when you read that phrase! Don't forget to like and share =)

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